I chose Goldwell Hair Care as it is the kindest most mild color for your hair. The shine and durability are the key features. We also retail the "at home hair care products" to maintain color and condition, as well as the styling mousses and gels, finishing sprays, waxes and cremes needed to support your "NEW DO ! "

Dale in Berlin Oct./2007, art installation by tim.deussen@fotoscout.de
I love change - to research new architecture - design - fashion - materials - products - and anything stainless steel.

My incredible career has led me to the runways of New York's Fashion Week, Zurich's Avant Garde Show, International Photo Shoots, Mac Viva Glam Fashion Shows, styling on the Q.E. 2 cruise ship, three years of Progressive Exchange Tours - as well as Trade Shows in Canada and the U.S.A. I am a guest artist for K.P.S.S., Goldwell Hair Care.

I have also developed my own workshops in "Textural Cutting Techniques" and "Textural UPDO Techniques " that I teach internationally. K.P.S.S has Trend Zoom and Styling, Cutting, and Finishing classes that I also enjoy teaching to fellow stylists.

All clients new and established, sit down for a consultation before any hair service begins. Your lifestyle, styling ability at home, face shape, hair texture, skin tones, eye color, ideas, and my suggestions, are all taken into consideration as we come to an agreement about your new look. Also important are the support products you will need to maintain the style at home. AND THEN VOILA! MAGIC.... I invite you to experience myself or any of the talented stylists in our salon. (P.S. Beware!! You may also have a good time!)